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Extra Dry Chain Wax Bottle 10ml

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EXTRA DRY WAX Premium wax-based lubricant Our Zéfal Extra Dry Wax lubricant, composed of a specific formulation of wax and water, keeps your transmission clean and quiet by efficiently repelling dirt and dust.The wax film provides excellent corrosion protection and lubrication with outstanding durability in dry weather. An application can then last up to 500 km on road biking and 200 km on mountain biking. If used in wet conditions, it is recommended to reapply the lubricant after each ride. Directions for use In case of a first application of the Extra Dry Wax (on a new or already lubricated and dirty chain) : 1. Degrease the chain by soaking it in a suitable degreaser such as our Zefal Bike Degreaser or Disc Break Cleaner. Thoroughly clean the chain to remove any grease, oil or particles. For this you can use our Zéfal ZB Clean brush specifically developed for cleaning the transmission. This step is essential before applying our Zéfal Extra Dry Wax lubricant to ensure optimal performance. 2. Rinse and let it dry properly. 3. Shake the bottle well before use. Apply the lubricant generously and uniformly inside the chain. 4. Wait until the water in the product has evaporated and the white colour has disappeared. We advise to apply the product several hours before riding. The product must be colourless and invisible, the chain must be dry. For applications on a chain already lubricated with the Zéfal Extra Dry Wax: it is not necessary to degrease the chain. Simply remove the wax residue with a dry cloth and repeat the protocol described above from step 3. It is necessary to reapply after a wet ride or after cleaning the bike with a water jet. 2. Rinse and dry using a cloth. 3. Apply a moderate amount of Extra Dry Wax on the chain while rotating the pedals. 4. Wipe any excess lubricant off the chain. 5. Wait at least 5 minutes before riding.

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